Nutrisystem is the best meal-plan we could offer technoplus

Hello there. We are a mid-sized game designing company based in Richmond, Indiana, and we’d love to share our experience with Nutrisystem and the amazing specialists that helped us reach our greasy, sticky food loving fingers for more healthy food. After that we’ll get to Nutrisystem coupons.

I’m the head of the quality assurance team for my company and I think I speak for our entire team when I say that Nutrisystem has made being in the workplace a much lighter experience (pun intended). Given that programming can be an intensely demanding job, and even more so than that is quality assurance, for how sharp with the eye you have to be, to ensure that everything that passes through you is as smooth as the greasy fast food that fit into our workstations before Nutrisystem came in. And we’re so glad it did (the Nutrisystem discount codes were an obvious attraction at first of course!).

Before and After Using Nutrisystem

All of us knew that our eating habits needed a drastic change in them to not just keep our health in check, but to boost our productivity as well. I mean honestly, for 40 adults full of greasy food from fast food chains, how often do you think we worked with vigor and zest after lunch break? Almost never. With our bloated stomachs and our elbows rested on our desks, we’d often almost doze off while in the middle of an important meeting or just generally as well. This would not do. Not if these 40 people wanted to continue working at Technoplus.

Something had to change, and this is when I realized the answer had always been around all along. My wife had started on a Nutrisystem diet recently after one of her friends suggested it and shared their special deals with us, and I realized that this weight loss plan was more than just that, it was a carefully constructed menu of healthy but desirable food that was just enough to keep us ticking. I brought this up with the team and I was immediately given the green light to bring the plan in for a trial. The results were impressive for those who stuck through it.

Our keyboards have never been cleaner

After switching to the grease-less fat-neutral diet that they had, we’ve been on cloud nine for how much cleaner it has since made the office. This has not only improved the general sense of hygiene in the office but also given us a new sense of respect for our workstations which has made the team what it is today:  a team that functions, an efficient team.

Of course ditching the grease has also done wonders for our health, as there’s a general sense of being more fit now than there ever was with fewer bellies sticking out in the open. I know as leader of the team that the diet plan has made everyone lose at least a little bit of extra body fat that was lying around. Everyone is in love with Nutrisystem!

Stomachs feel lighter, wallets feel heavier

The idea of Nutrisystem was explained by their operators as being a meal-plan that gives the body everything it requires and nothing more, and it feels like she was absolutely spot-on in her definition as I can still remember all the first-week complaints about how difficult it was to maintain that diet and not be tempted away from it. But we’ve since adjusted to the feeling of having small, portioned meals throughout the day and it’s been nothing but beneficial. And the fact that six different meals cost just $10 is just mind blowing on its own, but perfect when you combine it with the nutrition value of the meals provided. While we’d be spending $10-20 on fast food meals for one meal a day, we’ve been spending the same amount of money on more nutritionally satisfying meals. And when we use our Nutrisystem coupons for 2016, the rates go even lower on their meal plans. Can’t believe it, can you?

Tasty but nutritious? What?

Of course the fast food that we’d been ordering in wasn’t the best for our health, but we always knew that. We ordered them because they were delicious. Our idea of nutritious food has always been salads and extremely light-weight stuff but here Nutrisystem came and changed all of our views on ‘nutritious’ food. Plus the Nutrisystem promo codes were great and helped us spend up to 20%.

Their menu had everything from burgers to pizzas to chocolate bars to even DESSERT. How is that possible with a ‘nutritious’ diet plan? Well, I can’t explain how. You’ll have to go to the operators for that, but it works. It works and the food is amazing. They come in tiny portions but the food is worth every Nutrisystem coupon code spent in having the food delivered to your doorstep. Nutrisystem is amazing, and it’ll continue being our meal-provider for the entire team until and unless there’s a complete overhaul of the team.



  • Various meals throughout the day – time consuming
  • Extremely tempting to move away from diet plan during first few weeks
  • Difficult to keep up with the food schedule when running it against the work schedule.

We would recommend the Nutrisystem diet for all tech companies that might’ve gone through the same problems with fast food as we have, and even to the companies that don’t have these problems. Make sure you all make full use of their deals. Nutrisystem’s carefully constructed diet plan is one of the best things the company as a team could’ve enrolled in and the diet plan has continuously improved over the years on quality and never compromised when it comes to its customer’s needs. Nutrisystem is the diet plan that works and the only one we’ll ever need.